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      Polka Bikes - Postwoman - sklep rowerowy -
      Polka Bikes - Postwoman
      Polka Bikes - Postwoman
      Polka Bikes - Postwoman

      Polka Bikes - Postwoman

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      Polka Bikes is fixed gear bikes - Postwoman is perfect fixie for women. Nice, fast, lightweight, classic Twin-Tube frame, wheel with flip-flop hub. Perfect bike for the city.

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      The Postwoman knows how to behave in almost every circumstances and you will not need to worry that she will do something inappriopriate among other bicycles. 
      It is a bicycle of elegant and moderate personality, which makes it suitable either for short sunday trip or official ceremonies such as weddings, graduations, etc.

      It goes best with a smart casual wardrobe and elegant manners.


      Who said that only the male bikes can be cool? Transmissions, shock absorbers, levers, cables, sprockets – the usual bicycle begins to resemble a bomber. There would be nothing wrong with, apart from the fact that we do not need this whole stuff. Let’s use mountain bikes in hard terrain and American cruisers while touring to the beach with sun umbrella under our arm.

      For a smooth ride around the city blocks we need something light, fast and… beautiful.

      24 months warranty for components, lifetime warranty for frame.



      Our bikes all come with a flip-flop hub, which means they have a freewheel cog on one side of the rear wheel and a fixed cog on the opposite side. This means you get to choose whether you want to run free or fixed, and you also have the freedom to switch back and forth between fixed and freewheel anytime.

      Let’s start with freewheel. Freewheel is what most riders are familiar with. If you pedal forward, you will move the bike forward. If you stop pedaling, the pedals will simply stop and you will coast, and if you pedal backwards…well, nothing much is going to happen.

      Fixed gear, on the other hand, is slightly different. Fixed gear means that the motion of the pedals is directly connected to the motion of the rear wheel. If you pedal forward, the bike will move forward. If you stop actively pedaling, but the rear wheel is still turning, the pedals will continue to turn. This means there is no coasting, if that back wheel is spinning, so are the pedals. And if you apply reverse pressure to the pedals, you can slow the rear wheel, or move the bike backwards if starting from a stop.

      Polka Bikes

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      Polka Bikes - Postwoman

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      Polka Bikes - Postwoman - sklep rowerowy -

      Polka Bikes - Postwoman

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