Get in touch with us and we will build your dream bike for you!

To meet the expectations of our customers we have expanded the range of our Custom Bike service


This service allows you to personalize the bike according to your own idea.

CUSTOM BIKE - step by step.

Step 1.

Get in touch with and present your vision to us. During the conversation we will determine what the bike should look like, what its purpose will be and what is most important to you.

Step 2.

After gathering all the necessary information we proceed to the evaluation of the project cost, taking into account everything that could affect the price: the color of the frame, chosen accessories, fine details etc..

Upon completion of the evaluation we present you with a draft for your approval - if everything is as you imagined it and we get a green light we move on to the next stage - our favorite!

Step 3.

We put together your unique bike. We approach each project in a personalized way, with great care. At your request, photograph our progress and keep you updated - but we prefer not to do so for the greater WOOOW effect at the end;) Realization time is dependent on the availability of all the needed parts, from 7 to 14 days.

Step 4.

You receive your unique bike!

Our store offers a wide array of additives and accessories for bikes, allowing to create your own unique style!

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